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Track: students if you would like to join the JR/SR track team for this year, there is a sign up sheet in the HS office.
10th Graders to visit Texarkana Campus

We will be taking the current 10th graders to Texarkana Campus on the 26th of this month.  The tour will begin at 10:00 am and last around an hour,we should be back by 2pm.. We will take them to eat, students need to bring money for lunch. Permission slips can be turned into the office!   

Scholarship Opportunity

Seniors: there are applications for a $1,000 Farm Bureau Scholarship in Ms. Rhodes’ office .  The deadline to apply is April 9th.

Seniors' Herff Jones balances due
  • Seniors: Herff Jones will be here February 28th. Your balance is due at that time.  No Checks. If you need to know your balance, see Mrs. Page.

Driving on Campus
  • Students that drive to school please get with Officer McClure if you have not gotten a parking pass.  We will begin assigning noon detention to anyone that has not taken care of this. Also, driving is a privilege and if you can not drive in a safe manner then your driving privileges will be suspended.  7th period softball may drive to the field to practice once Coach Powell has approved it, and 8th period baseball may also drive to the field. You need to drive responsibly or we will transport you by bus each day.  

Student Council Fundraiser

Student council members have chocolate covered pretzel rods for sale for $1 each.  You may choose between chocolate/oreo, chocolate/sprinkles, or double chocolate. See any student council member or Mrs. Piker no earlier than 30 minutes after lunch to make a purchase.  All proceeds go toward the purchase of a flagpole and flag for the high school campus

Basketball Video Manager Needed

If you are interested in videoing the bb games for next year, see Coach Mo Williams.  You  must be present at ALL games! 


Your attendance is very important!.  Get up and Get to school and be on time!

No Food in gym
  • Students may eat in the gym lobby before school IF allowed in the gym due to weather.  AT lunch, Students may eat in the cafeteria or the Pit only. Please be respectful and throw your trash away.


If you are tardy to class you must come to the office!!!

Fouke Drama Department Presents...

We Will Rock You the School Edition March 14, 15, and 16 at 7:00 pm and March 17 and 4;00 pm.  First rehearsal Jsn. 8 at 3:30 on Auditorium stage for read through company meeting and costume measurements.

Close-Up Fundraiser

The Close Up Program is in the process of raising money for a trip to Washington D.C.  We have Fouke Panther Lanyards for $5.00. If you would like to buy one please contact Ms. Cross at the central office or Ms. Nadeau at the high school.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

Fouke High School is a closed campus!

Students, Fouke High School is a closed campus - remember if you drive to school you may not go back into your vehicle until 3:19 - you may no longer drive to Athletics, Ag, FACS or anywhere once you arrive at school.

Driving on Campus
  • Students if you drive to school make sure you have gotten your parking tag from Officer McClure.  Driving on campus is a privilege and the way in which you enter & leave the parking lot each day is being monitored.  If you drive recklessly your driving privileges will be suspended.

Fouke High School Conservation Club
  • Please help us to put trash in its place. The Fouke High School Conservation Club is promoting a campaign to help keep our campus free of trash - Everyone Join In!

No Blankets Please!
Students as the weather is beginning to get cold Ms. Nadeau want to make sure everyone stays warm so if you need a coat or jacket please let her, Ms. Oliver or someone you are close to know. They will make sure to take care of your needs. With that being said please do not walk around school with blankets. If you are going on a trip that is fine to carry with you on the bus but they are not allowed in your classes, hallways or at lunch.
Parking Passes
  • Students who need a parking pass may see Officer McCLure second period in his office.  Teachers please make sure before you send a student that they have their paperwork .

Reminder - Water Only!
  • Students be reminded that you can only have water bottles out in the building to drink.  You will be ask to throw away anything else.

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