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Fouke Drama Presentation
  • Fouke High School Drama Department Presents 12 Angry Jurors at 7:00 pm November 15,16 and 17 in the Paulette Smith Middle School Auditorium.  Tickets are $6.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door.

Senior NHS Dues Deadline
  • Senior Members of National Honor Society your membership dues are due by Thursday November 15 before 12:00. Dues are $15.00, please bring correct change.

Concurrent Credit Forms Due
Any students with signed concurrent forms should return those to Ms. Rhodes.
Early Dismissal

We will dismiss early on Friday November 16 @1pm


Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

2nd period

HS Library

  • On Thursday, November 14 we will be selling 2 slices of Pizza and a coke for $5.00. We will set up in the gym foyer .

  • Your attendance is very important and several of you are getting close to missing too many days and losing credit.  Get to school and be on time.

Arkansas Governor's School
  • Students that are interested in applying for the Arkansas Governor's school, can pick up a packet in the information rack, outside the counselors office.

Library Books Due

Students, please check the library fine list and get that taken care of . Turn in your overdue books.

Student of the Month / Teacher of the Month
  • Congratulations to all the students who were selected as Student of the Month in one or more of your classes - This month's grand winner for Student of the Month is Karley Feasel and the teacher of the Month is Josh Jones!

Fouke High School is a closed campus!

Students, Fouke High School is a closed campus - remember if you drive to school you may not go back into your vehicle until 3:19 - you may no longer drive to Athletics, Ag, FACS or anywhere once you arrive at school.

ASVAB Sign-ups
There is a sign up sheet in the office for anyone wishing to take the ASVAB test.
Flu Clinic

Flu Clinic will be November 2nd. Forms will go out to students in their English classes and are due back Oct. 29th. Two pages have to be signed!   

Driving on Campus
  • Students if you drive to school make sure you have gotten your parking tag from Officer McClure.  Driving on campus is a privilege and the way in which you enter & leave the parking lot each day is being monitored.  If you drive recklessly your driving privileges will be suspended.

Fouke High School Conservation Club
  • Please help us to put trash in its place. The Fouke High School Conservation Club is promoting a campaign to help keep our campus free of trash - Everyone Join In!

No Blankets Please!
Students as the weather is beginning to get cold Ms. Nadeau want to make sure everyone stays warm so if you need a coat or jacket please let her, Ms. Oliver or someone you are close to know. They will make sure to take care of your needs. With that being said please do not walk around school with blankets. If you are going on a trip that is fine to carry with you on the bus but they are not allowed in your classes, hallways or at lunch.
Parking Passes
  • Students who need a parking pass may see Officer McCLure second period in his office.  Teachers please make sure before you send a student that they have their paperwork .

Reminder - Water Only!
  • Students be reminded that you can only have water bottles out in the building to drink.  You will be ask to throw away anything else.

Picture Schedule

October 30 --- Fall Retakes MS and HS
November 29 -- Basketball G & B 7th, Jr High, High School

December 11 -- Senior Retakes
Football 2018
Picture Schedule

October 30 --- Fall Retakes MS and HS
November 29 -- Basketball G & B 7th, Jr High, High School

December 11 -- Senior Retakes

Contact Information
Fouke High School
403 Panther Drive
Fouke, Arkansas 71837
Phone: 870-653-4551
Fax: 870-653-3313



From the Principal:

Dear Fouke High School Students and Families,

It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself, Eva Nadeau, as the new Principal at FHS.  My passion for education and supporting the success of all students has been shaped over the past 30 years as a band director, teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  In each of my roles, I have sought to ensure the success of each student and the school by providing the best instructional and extracurricular opportunities and supports possible.  Similarly, it in my number one priority at FHS to ensure that every student receives the most well-rounded education possible.

A well-rounded education means outstanding instruction from top-notch teachers, as well as extra-curricular opportunities and supports that enable students to develop character, cultivate passions, and explore the world outside the classroom.  When considering the opportunities available to students, I often look to my own experiences and involvement in high school and college courses, athletics, band, clubs and volunteer efforts that helped shape who I am today.  As the Principal at FHS, I am committed to ensuring that student needs and interest help shape instruction and extracurricular opportunities.  Through this shared commitment to learning, I am excited to see students engaged in debate in the classrooms, scoring the winning point on the field, performing in the musical, or any other area that peaks student interest and passion.

Most importantly, an excellent education is not possible without the great collaboration of students, parents and staff.  Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the amazing students, parents, and staff at FHS, while also learning about the rich school history and success.  One of the greatest takeaways from these conversations has been the immense enthusiasm and pride for the school and community.  It is through that same enthusiasm and pride that I look forward to being a Fouke Panther and working with each of you to continue the success at FHS.

I look forward to a great year ahead of us!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, and ideas that you would like to discuss.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Eva Nadeau

Upcoming Event:


FHS play 12 Angry Jurors




Best overall music, best overall visual, and 1st place in Class





Fouke High School is a closed campus.  Beginning today, Oct. 22, 2018,  if you drive to school you may NOT get back into your vehicle until 3:19.  You may NO LONGER drive to ATHLETICS, AG, or ANYWHERE once you arrive at school!






Girls in Ag 1Girls in Ag 2Girls in Ag 3Girls in Ag 4Girls in Ag 5Girls in Ag 6Girls in Ag 7Girls in Ag 8




Fair 1Fair 2Fair 3Fair 4Fair 5Fair 6Fair 7Fair 8Fair 9Fair 10Fair 10Fair 12Fair 13


FCCLA at the Fair 2018

Careers, Food, and Fun!! Fouke FCCLA participated in the CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) Day at the Arkansas State Fair!

Members of FCCLA, FBLA, HOSA, Skills USA and FBLA from around the state gathered together to learn about how the state fair runs each year and how the CTE courses they take in school can lead to careers in different fields. 

FCCLA’s focus was Food Safety and Vending. We also attended a small talk about safety and security at the fairgrounds.


Environmental Science / Biology Field Trip

Recently, the high school environmental science and college biology classes visited Cossatot River State Park.   During their field trip, the students performed multiple species counts on aquatic macroinvertebrates, measured the physical and chemical characteristics of the river, and developed conclusions about the rivers pollution level based on their data.  Pictures of the field trip are attached below:

Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 1Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 2Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 3Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 4Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 5Env. Sci. / Bio. Field Trip 6

Barry Hughes

Fouke High School Science Teacher

College Biology, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Ecology

Follow-up on Cossatot River Trip….

Since returning from our water analysis field trip to the Cossatot River last week, my environmental science students have been collecting water from multiple sources in the Fouke area.   After they collected their water, run chemical analysis tests on their samples, and completed their testing, they will analyze and compare their data to develop a hypothesis over multiple aquatic ecosystem scenarios.  Below are a few pictures of the students doing their chemical tests. Water sample testing 1Water sample testing 2Water sample testing 3Water sample testing 4


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